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Clovis-Carver Public Library

“Packing for Mars: The Curious Science of Life in the Void” by Mary Roach explores the strange universe of space travel and life without gravity, describing how NASA prepares astronauts for their mission by setting up all manner of startling space simulations.

“Field Gray” by Philip Kerr spans twenty-five years between the street riots in Berlin in 1931 and the divided Germany after the Nazi defeat at Stalingrad as Bernie Gunther finds himself deep in the bloodbath that reached across the killing fields of Europe.

“William and Kate: A Royal Love Story” by James Clench probes the beginning and background of the most remarkable romance of our time between the boy who would one day be king and the middle-class girl who had harbored a crush on him since her school days.

“The Informant” by Thomas Perry forges an uneasy alliance between opposite sides of the law as Michael Schaffer, a cold-blooded professional assassin, offers Elizabeth Waring, a Justice Department official, the key information she needs to crack an unsolved murder in exchange for her help in hunting down the Mafia boss who wants to kill him.

“Hidden Alcatraz: The Fortress Revealed” edited by Steve Fritz presents a unique collection of nearly one hundred photographs taken over a four-year period that depict the current state of the “The Rock”, highlighting the eerie mood of the former prison and the despair of inmates faced with extreme isolation.

“The Illusion of Murder” by Carol McCleary recreates the journey of Nellie Bly, the Victorian Age reporter who circled the world in 72 days, with a fictionalized story of a mysterious death that makes her a target for a killer and drags her into a web of intrigue with the fate of nations at stake.

“Planet Arctic: Life at the Top of the World” by Wayne Lynch takes you on a journey across stunning landscapes of the mystical lands north of 60 degrees, in a world inhabited by polar bears, arctic foxes, seals, and hardy plant life that explodes across the landscape every spring.