Raising family workout in itself

These days I don’t get out all that much. I find shoes and socks for the kids, fill up sippy cups, put shoes back on after being kicked off, chase all three to the car, get the first car seat buckled, look around for the straying child, who is no doubt chasing a cat or wandering off somewhere, get the other two kids secured and finally climb into the driver’s seat. I am completely exhausted and likely a bit sweaty. Yes my life is a run-on sentence. Remember, we have yet to leave the driveway.

Now we have finally prepared to go to our first, and most likely only, stop. Going to the store to get milk should not be considered cardio, but it is exactly that for me. I’m guessing I am not alone. There has to be at least a handful of other moms out there praying for the milk fairy to visit simply to avoid the adventure.

When I do make it to the grocery store and find that there is no whole milk I am honestly tempted to mix skim and heavy cream to avoid an additional stop. The unloading, aisle wrangling and reloading process is pretty much circuit training.

I am one of five children. My mom was the stay-at-home type who somehow managed to enjoy her trips out into the world, even when she had all of us in tow. My husband grew up amongst eight other kids. I’m exhausted simply imagining that scenario.

It’s an entire parental workout each time we’d like to go out and about without leaving the kids home with a sitter.

It’s a little better when my hubby is around to help, then we are able to skip the double stroller and just snag two carts. Every once in a while I’m tempted to use the big “family cart” but that is like playing tug of war with a hippopotamus. I am not going to win that battle.

I guess I don’t have to feel guilty about not making it to the gym as long as I attempt to run an errand or two. I’ll be burning calories just the same. For all the mommies attempting my “mommy on the go: multi-kid” workout regimen, good luck. And stay hydrated.