Reader-submitted content: Local requests return of mementos

Dolores and Quinton Hardy

On Thursday April 21st we were victims of a break-in and property was stolen. What was stolen was a large piece of furniture, a cherry wood highboy.

This piece of furniture was very large and awkward to move, along with this cabinet the entire contents were also taken. Many of the objects are of no value to anyone other than me and to me they are priceless.

There were several photo albums. Pictures of my children when they were babies and growing up. A wedding album given to us by the priest when we were married.

I had saved the clothes my babies wore when they were baptized and the clothes they wore home from the hospital when they were born. They had some stains on them but they are very precious to me.

There were baby toys I saved and their first pacifier. Things that can never be replaced.

Some of my childhood dolls were in the cabinet as were embroidered things my mother had made for me, and she is no longer alive.

Who ever you are I hope your mother never has anything taken from her that she holds dear to her heart. I am a grandmother now and I had planned to pass these things down to my grandchildren someday.

If you have any kind of compassion or any kindness left in you, would you please consider returning these things to me? Pack them in a box and just drop them off at the Clovis-Carver Public Library or have a friend of neighbor drop them off for you. No questions will be asked.

If you would return these things to me I will make the cabinet a gift from me to you. I hope to hear from you.

Dolores and Quinton Hardy