Press release: Bingaman talks candidates, budget

WASHINGTON – U.S. Senator Jeff Bingaman today talked with New Mexico radio reporters about a variety of issues. Bingaman’s remarks can be retrieved by going to his website or clicking on the following link:

00:00 – Bingaman comments on the growing list of New Mexico candidates running for Senate in 2012.

01:55 – Bingaman comments on FEMA’s response to the various wildfires around the state.

03:35 – Bingaman talks about ongoing budget negotiations between Democrats and Republican in Washington.

04:50 – Bingaman comment on proposals to cut entitlement programs like Medicare and Social Security from the federal budget.

06:58 – Bingaman comments on BP’s announcement that it is seeking to resume drilling in the Gulf of Mexico.

09:11 – Bingaman talks about the Energy and Natural Resources briefing last week on the country’s nuclear power industry.