First person: Singing strong

CNJ staff photo: Kevin Wilson Skylar Coffin, 16, sang the national anthem twice this week at the state basketball tournament.

Skylar Coffin doesn’t have any particular theme music.

“Every day you can find me going down the hall singing something different,” the Clovis Christian junior said.

If you went to Albuquerque this week, you could have heard her singing the national anthem. Coffin, 16, twice performed during the state basketball tournament.

She came to New Mexico when she was 12, when her family moved from Florida. This is her first year at Clovis Christian, after three at Melrose.

How it happened: This fall, I went and auditioned for the NMAA in front of (Assistant Director) Kristin Derr. She picked me to do a certain amount of games. In previous years, they’ve just picked people, and that hasn’t gone over well.

I sang it twice. I just got back. I sang at the Roswell-Piedra Vista game and today for San Jon and Reserve for a semifinal.

I’m also going to sing at the state track meet for 1A and 2A.

History: I’ve been singing since third grade. The thing I enjoy most about singing is going and having the opportunity to expand my horizons, and meeting all of the people and getting a chance to sing different songs.

I like pretty much every (artist), as long as they sound decent.

Song that always gets me out of a bad mood: “Thug Story,” by T-Pain and Taylor Swift.

Thoughts on “Glee”: I’ve honestly never seen it. I have no idea what it’s about. I don’t see what the big uproar is.

Plans after high school: I hope to get a scholarship with Eastern (New Mexico University) for singing performances. It looks pretty good. If I get a good score on my ACT and they offer the kind of scholarship I want, I can get in.

I’m hoping to go in for business, and expand and do interior design. If all else fails, I might go back to music, and become a teacher.

— Compiled by CNJ staff writer Kevin Wilson