Committee will work on new school name

Liliana Castillo

Clovis school administrators will be creating a committee to name a third middle school to be built at the intersection of Thornton Street and Wilhite Road.

Superintendent Terry Myers reported during Tuesday’s monthly board meeting that architects will soon need to know colors, a mascot and a name for the new school as they continue the design.

Myers tasked Deputy Superintendent of Operations Joel Shirley to create the committee. He said the committee should be made up of 10 school employees and students and 10 community members. The group would create a short list and bring it to the board for final approval.

Vice President Terry Martin said that a group had petitioned the district to name the school in honor of Bataan Death March survivors in the area, and Myers said that name would be given to the committee.

The board also discussed the possibility of selling 40 acres that the district owns at 21st and Humphrey. Myers said the land was appraised at $10,000 an acre. The land was gifted to the district.

The board also discussed rezoning school board member districts and attendance zones due to the U.S. Census. Myers said the district is required to look at zones after a census, in case population changes require a change in the zones.

Myers said the administration will be searching for a demographer to help the district in the process. Martin suggested partnering with Clovis Community College because they have the same districts. Secretary Max Best suggested holding public hearings if zones need to be changed to inform the public.

The board and administration recognized President Mark Lansford for his eight years spent on the board. Tuesday was his and member Rodney Muffley’s last meeting. Muffley was also thanked for his services.

Their successors, Charles Guthals and Paul Cordova, will be sworn in noon March 8 at the Clovis Municipal Schools administration building.

In other business, the board:

• approved the consent agenda, which included bills, activity report, food service report, investment report and budget and expenditure report for January, budget adjustments and change orders for reroofing at Zia and Clovis High School, a bid on welding equipment and supplies and proposal for a design firm for CHS and Freshman Academy reroofing.

• approved a request to travel for 12 seniors in the CCC Trio Upward Bound Program to Washington, D.C. on April 1-5.

The Trio program will pay for the trip.

• approved canvassed results form the school board and Senate Bill 9 election.

In the final results, 465 voted for SB-9 and 198 against. Sixty-eight voted for Paul Cordova and 40 voted for Rodney Muffley. Charles Guthals ran unopposed and took 156 votes. Terry Martin ran unopposed and took 62 votes.

• heard an update on design for a replacement building for Lockwood Elementary School.

The school has been designed in an L shape, which protects against the wind. The school will be built for 364 students. Shirley recommended building core areas such as a gym and cafeteria for 500 students. The expansion would cost the district $345,000. Shirley said the expansion couldn’t be made after the school is built and urged the board to approve the expansion. The board will make a decision at the next board meeting.

Construction for the new Lockwood is scheduled to begin March 2012, with completion in May 2013.

• approved management’s responses to the 2009-2010 district audit findings.

The audit report said seven deposits were not made within 24 hours, and five deposits didn’t have receipts.

The finance department holds monthly meetings to keep secretaries up to date with finance changes and guidelines have been implemented to monitor proper procedure takes place, the response said.