Grant McGee: Manners lesson from mom

Grant McGee

The Lady of the House and I were having breakfast at a local eatery when I got to thinking about manners; manners in restaurants to be specific. It seems there are some manners everyone follows and others no one cares about.

“You know,” I said, “You just don’t hear anyone belch in a restaurant. You know, rip out a big ol’ burp.”

“It’s bad manners,” she said without looking up from the menu.

“Yeah, but people have bad manners in lots of other aspects of life. Driving, shopping, stuff like that but in restaurants most folks seem to be on their best behavior.”

I scanned my memory. Nope, I couldn’t remember a time I’d been to a restaurant where someone burped real loud.

As a child my momma taught me manners, she was really into that stuff.

Over time I suppose I forgot some of them.

I was reaching for a tissue one time while at the dinner table.

“Really?” said The Lady of the House.

“What?” I said. “I need to blow my nose.”

“Then remove yourself from the table,” she said.

“Really?!” I found this interesting. I mean, if you gotta blow your nose you gotta blow your nose. It seems people would be more accepting of this.

Had I forgotten this key lesson? Had I missed something?

I decided to give my momma a call and ask her about my lessons in manners.

“Mom, did you teach me it’s bad manners to blow your nose at the table?” I asked across the miles from New Mexico to Florida.

“Yes I did,” she said. “Are you blowing your nose at the table?”

“Well, yeah.”

“So are you burping at the table too? I taught you better than that!”

“I know, Mom, but I always remember to take my hat off at the table.”

“You’re a good boy,” she said.