Concealing truth from God impossible

Judy Brandon: Religion columnist

Consider the word “hiding.”

The word “hide” can be defined in several ways. During World War II, Irene Opdyke along with some other Jewish sympathizers carried supplies and staples to Jewish families hiding in a deep dugout in the thick woods of Poland to avoid capture by the Nazis. A baby was even born in that dugout. The opening to the safe underground bunker was fashioned with limbs and leaves and rocks so no one knew that the group was protected in the ground, safe and sound from the predators.

During that same period, Clara Kramer gave her account of how her entire Jewish family hid below someone’s house. The family hiding the group was Jewish sympathizers. This was a great risk; at that time, death was the punishment for Jews or Jewish sympathizers. To hide the families, they cut out part of the floor in their dining room, and hollowed out a huge pit underneath the floor with a room for three families. Then the floor of the house was reassembled and a deep plush rug put over the hatch door to the dugout. Finally a heavy mahogany table with chairs for eight was placed over the rug on top of the hatch door. These three families hid in this dugout for 45 days and avoided the Nazi authorities.

Last Monday I hid something in a different way. A call from unexpected company came. I panicked as I viewed my laundry sorted on the floor right for everyone to see. I grabbed the laundry, put it in baskets, and moved and concealed my laundry in the garage. Then I stuffed items in kitchen cabinets and drawers to clear the kitchen countertops. To my company, my house looked very organized.

We can also hide something by disguise — to make it look like something it is not. A woman was charged with embezzlement from the company where she was employed. The indictments noted her elaborate schemes to move money from one account to another as she labeled expenses different things to guise them as legitimate. She was not found out for several years. In the meantime, she bought a new house, new car, and traveled all over the country. Her efforts to conceal her cache paid off — until she was caught!

What about framing information in such a way as to keep the truth hidden? At times this is done in a very sophisticated way. A governor may have low approval ratings. There may be a huge budget shortfall and other grave problems in the state. Even though the problems that started and culminated on his watch are evident to the electorate, he points to the opposite party to mask his failings and blame some other group. So his staff digs out snippets of data and puts a new “spin” on them to try to convince voters that things are really improving. Framing the facts to malign the truth is wrong.

Yet, can we pull any of these ways of hiding on God? We cannot conceal things from Him, nor can we mask things differently. We cannot trick God into believing that everything is on the up and up. We cannot frame less than the truth in our minds one way and expect God to go along with it. God does not wink at us and say, “That’s my girl … she is up to her shenanigans again! Isn’t she cute?”

We can’t hide from God.

God is infinite (Psalm 90:1-2 and Hebrews 1:8-12). God is eternal (John 8:58). God is beyond our understanding (Job 36:26.) God is all-knowing (Psalm 139:1-6). God is all-powerful (Psalm 18:13-15).

So don’t even try to run or hide from God.

Judy Brandon is a Clovis resident. Contact her at: