Parents, teachers meet about AYP scores

CNJ staff

Teachers and administrators for the Clovis Municipal Schools met with parents Monday night in a forum to discuss adequate yearly progress.

Cindy Martin, deputy superintendent of operations for CMS, went over AYP information and school test scores.

Of the school’s 16 schools, 12 did not make AYP, a figure on average with the rest of the state. Of the state’s 827 schools, 193 (23.3 percent) did not make AYP.

“Historically, Clovis scores higher than the state,” Martin said, “and we continued that except for the 11th grade.”

Grades 3-8 and 11 were measured in reading and math scores. Clovis grades scored anywhere from 1 to 9 percent higher than the state averages in each. But the math (37 percent state, 29 percent Clovis) and reading (55 percent state, 47 percent Clovis) were lower for Clovis 11th-graders.

About 20 attended the forum, half of them school employees.

After the introduction from Martin, the larger group disbanded into classrooms at Marshall to so principals could discuss individual schools with parents.