Letters to the editor: Jail problems lie with leadership

Jail problems lie with leadership

Regarding Sunday’s editorial (“Vote no on jail, courthouse”):

Amen to Publisher Ray Sullivan and Editor David Stevens.

I worked at Curry County Adult Deten-tion Center from July 2008 to December 2009. I worked there through four administrators or interim administrators.

The administrators were not the problem. The problems came from higher up.

Yes, the jail is overcrowded. There are inmates in there for years, not the 365 days or less the jail is designed for. That is a problem placed there by the courts — not the courthouse.

Yes, mistakes have been made by officers. These people were asked to work double shifts (when a normal shift is 12 hours) and 12 to 14 days in a row. Overworked, tired people make mistakes. They paid for it with their jobs. Mistakes by hourly paid county employees are not tolerated.

Thank you, Sullivan and Stevens, for speaking out. The buildings are not the problem.

Mary Weigl