a view from under the pew: amos meets mrs mouses part two

amos the churchmouse:

a view from under the pew

Editor’s note: Last week, Amos, our churchmouse poet, agreed to be the test mouse for Willifred the white rat’s experimental tiny time machine. Willifred had installed his Tiny Time Traveler on Amos’ 1957 Cheeserolet motorized matchbox.
Just as soon as Amos climbed in, he found himself in the Sinai wilderness confronted by a disgruntled Mrs. Mouses. For almost 40 years, her husband had been leading a group of grumbling mice-realites out of the land of Egyptian cats to a promised land of milk and refrigerated cheese.
But right at the moment Amos arrived on the scene, life was a bit unbearable for Mrs. Mouses. She was showing our mousey columnist her dusty cookbook, “Wilderness Ways and Wildlife – and How To Cook It.” It consisted of one chapter entitled, “One Thousand and One Ways To Fix Manna.” Mrs. Mouses was hungry and desperate – for anything other than manna:

amos meets mrs mouses
part two
(with apologies to
chuck swindoll)

manna manna manna mrs
mouses was still yelling
nothing but manna once a day
every day for nearly forty
years i tell you i ve tried
every single recipe in this
stupid cookbook at least
ninety-nine times – and it
still don t get no better

boss she was so angry that
her gray whiskers were
quivering and her eyes
were bulging out past her
nose and her tail was
slashing about like a
wounded alligator
for once in my life boss
i was absolutely speechless

listen she took a deep breath
and went on a bit more calmly