Ministry helps connect families to vehicles

CNJ staff photo: Liliana Castillo Noel Hunt of Farwell said she’s going focusing on getting families transportation and may not worry about cosmetic damages to the next car she’ll be donating.

Liliana Castillo

A Farwell woman has started a ministry to help needy families better navigate their lives.

Noel Hunt, a wife and mother of one, started Wheels of Love, a program that provides vehicles to families who need transportation but can’t afford it.

Hunt, a Floyd High School graduate, said she got the idea after placing an ad to help a friend find a vehicle. The ad asked for a donation. A couple from Conchas contacted her and drove three hours to pay for the car and provided extra money for registration.

“The idea just popped into my head,” Hunt said. “When I say that I mean God put the idea in my head. This is all God, I’m just being used.”

Hunt said after she began the program in late January, she learned why God called her to her mission.

“There is a huge need for it in this area,” she said.

Hunt is also interested in using donated money to fix up cars that needy families own but can’t afford to fix. She said of the 50 applications she has received, about 15 of them have indicated that the family needs help fixing up a car. Hunt said she chooses a family based on need and can’t wait to get more cars to help more families. She has one car that currently