Bible God’s “Google”

Curtis K. Shelburne

It boggles my mind to wonder how I ever got by without Google.

Every day, multiple times, I “google” some word or phrase looking for a trickle of the amazing flood of information available on the Internet.

I chomp down on a Tootsie Roll Pop late one evening and pop off a dental crown. What to do before the dental office opens? Google it!

My little dog looks guilty. The physical evidence indicates that she’s made a Christmas meal out of M & M stocking stuffers. I know chocolate is bad for dogs, but just how much does it take to fritz Rover? Google it! Turns out the dog would have to really chow down to be dispatched by M & Ms. (So my feeding handfuls of them to the Great Dane was just in vain.)

My motorcycle turn signals start going crazy. I push the button for two turn signal lights (front and rear) to blink, and all four light up the bike. Weird blinking. Looks like a fibrillating Christmas tree.

Motorcycle repair shops don’t like electrical problems. I don’t like paying motorcycle repair shops to deal with electrical problems. My answer?

Google! I got a whole short course in motorcycle wiring and how to attempt to read an electrical schematic. I found out what a turn signal switch or relay would cost. (Way too much, like everything labelled “motorcycle.”) I found out what to check first, what kind of electrical connection cleaner to use, whether lithium grease is electrically conductive, various options on removing a very stuck bolt, etc. I googled all that. And then started playing with wires until it was fixed.

I’ve googled info on home remedies for human physical maladies. I’ve googled up stuff on plant maladies to see why my orchids and plumeria look healthy but won’t bloom. I’ve googled info on a number of DIY projects from building a PVC flute to finding the best 21-degree roundhead framing nails to use in a nail gun when building shed trusses. I even googled, and found, the information I needed on how to “whip” the ends of a large rope for my granddaughters’ tree swing. (Just call me. I’ll show you how to whip up some sail-maker’s rope whipping. It’s fun.) And I googled up some info on the best knots to use for that swing. Fascinating!

Looking for a good sermon illustration or a great website filled with Bible study helps? Google it! I’ve just about gotten to the point that I can’t write a sermon without the Internet up and running so I can easily compare various Bible translations, etc.

So . . . if Google is such a help in finding information on “how to” build or do or fix just about everything, I wonder . . . I wonder why the Creator of the universe didn’t provide us with a treasure trove of information on, say, who to trust as we build our lives?

Oh, wait. He did! Maybe I need to “Bible” at least as much as I google!

Curtis Shelburne is pastor of 16th & Ave. D. Church of Christ in Muleshoe. Contact him at