Getting to know … Jessie Poku

Eastern New Mexico University senior wide receiver Jessie Poku

• Hometown: Dallas

• High school: Richardson

• Favorite NFL team: Dallas Cowboys

• What do you hope to be doing in five years? Playing in the NFL

• Biggest accomplishment off the field since you started college: Making the dean’s list

• Best advise you’ve ever received from a coach? Live to fight another day and play.

• Perfect job outside of playing or coaching sports? Teaching a kindergarten classroom that is colorful and interesting, where kids learn effectively.

• Favorite college class? Bilingual education because you get a perception of the nation’s cultures. Also the class makes you think outside the box.

• Toughest college class? Mathematical concepts because the class uses symbols and signs, which is the complete opposite of algebra and stats.

• If you could get a mulligan in life, what would it be? Work harder in high school.

• Where’s the toughest place to place in the Lone Star Conference: West Texas A&M because it’s a bowl stadium so it gets loud and rumbles.