Letters to the editor: County fair unsafe for valuables

County fair unsafe for valuables

I just finished reading the article: “Official: Fair Revenues Up Nearly $60,000” and I felt the need to comment about the fair being deemed a success.

There may have been success from a money standpoint, but one of the events presented a challenge for me. I am referring to putting craft items into the fair to be judged.

As I am new to the area, I thought a great way to embrace the community of Clovis would be by entering three items of fused glass jewelry.

I was a little concerned about the security of the items at the fair, but when I entered my items, I was issued numbered tickets and told I had to have those tickets to pick up the items. So I felt pretty confident my jewelry would be safe.

I did read the fair’s entry rules and recognized the disclaimer that items were entered at the owners’ risk, but also felt that was just a necessary standard disclaimer. I apparently was mistaken.

I checked on my items the Saturday night of the fair, about 8:30 p.m., and was excited to see one of my three entries had won first place.

Items were supposed to be picked up 4 p.m. the Sunday after the fair. Of course, I forgot. In a panic, I contacted the fair office and was told I could pick up my items through Tuesday.

But when I arrived on Monday to pick them up, they could not locate them.

It is sad the fair staff responsible for the judged events could not protect my items. I have learned a sad lesson. The Curry County Fair, in my estimation, is not a safe place for treasured items.