County fair much more accessible

County fair much more accessible

Scooters, chairs, walkers and canes: Every handicapped person that has to use one of these devices has one goal in mind — to go places that a normal healthy person would go. We just have to use different means to get there.

I met and spoke a few months ago with Curry County Fairgrounds General Manager Kevin Jolley and Operations Manager Johnny Berry to discuss how the Fairgrounds could be made safer and easier for canes, walkers, chairs and scooters. They didn’t take notes but they did listen with great interest and concern.

I am by no means a spokesperson for the handicapped or elderly, but being handicapped now for 15 years I know from experience what would help. Safety is our main concern.

Gravel can be our worst enemy. It will shift when pressure is put on the walker or cane and wheelchairs won’t roll. Jolley and Berry and the grounds crew removed the gravel from the main walkways by the food vendors and displays and concessions.

The entrance to the Fairgrounds this year was smooth to get through and the benches had been placed under the trees for shade. I was impressed that it was easy maneuvering for chairs and scooters and safe for canes and walkers.

Because of financial needs, there is still some work to be done, but I feel they have come a long way. Thanks to County Manager Lance Pyle, Jolley, Berry and their grounds crew. I’m looking forward to next year.