Enrollment up in Clovis school districts

File photo Clovis Municipal Schools and Clovis Christian School saw increases this school year and both schools attribute part of the growth to Cannon Air Force Base.

Liliana Castillo

Enrollment at Clovis Municipal Schools and Clovis Christian Schools has increased this year.

School officials at both schools partially attribute their increases to expansion at Cannon Air Force Base.

On the fourth day of school, Clovis schools reported an increase of 158 students to 8,398 this year. That translates to a 1.8 percent increase.

Clovis Christian reported a 23-percent increase, up 41 students to 217. Superintendent Ladona Clayton said with the increase the elementary campus is nearing capacity. But the growth is good, she said.

“It’s a wonderful asset for us. That means our students have other students to learn from, more students to learn from, and more experiences. We very much like that opportunity,” Clayton said.

Clovis Municipal Schools Superintendent Terry Myers most of his district’s growth is in the elementary grades.

“It’s (the growth) good,” Myers said. “For one, it shows that the growth we’re expecting is going to occur and two, the way the school districts are funded in New Mexico, the more students we have the more funding we receive from the state.”

Myers said elementary schools are at capacity so growth is causing complications.

Public school districts report official enrollment numbers to the state on the 40th and 120th school day.

Myers said with enrollment increases of 150 students each year for the next five years, the district will be on track for its projected 900 to 1,000-student influx by the 2015 school year.