Letter to the editor: Board should consider another high school

Board should consider another high school

Does Clovis really need a fourth middle school?

In a traditional format, Yucca, Marshall and the Ninth Grade Academy are middle schools.

In a sense, we have two high schools — Clovis High and Choices, a strong, positive alternative school that I support.

Clovis taxpayers are being asked by community leaders to consider multiple large ticket items — $90 million for a judicial complex, $30 million for a new middle school and $7 million for improvements and repairs for sanitary sewers and waste treatment plans.

Any citizen driving the streets of Clovis knows that deferred maintenance is waiting to cost us a large sum of money. We need to choose the right levy.

I vote for education and judicial because we must have a safe society. I vote for streets because I cannot afford a new vehicle. What to do with waste water?

I propose that when the school board meets at 5:30 tonight to discuss school sites, we discuss schools as well. May I dare propose that we discuss another high school?

Any true planning discussion requires all questions be asked and answered — this is a primary tenant of education.

Let’s broaden the opportunity for all our children to participate in all extracurricular activities so all our children can broaden their horizons.

With all the discussion about Clovis’ imminent growth we are rubbing up against the need for another high school.

In addition to the above opportunity for our children, we also will create a hands-on opportunity for teachers as we could improve the teacher-student ratio.

I see nothing in my limited knowledge of educational systems which is terribly negative about this question: Do we need another high school?