Local happenings in 1937

Selected items from “The Local Happenings” column as printed in a 1937 edition of the Clovis Free Press:

• Buck Barnes of the Barnes Cleaners must be trying to reduce as he was seen last Friday during the worst of the wind and sand storm coming from Hillcrest Park riding a bicycle. Surely it couldn’t be for pleasure.

• Try our Famous Chilis with Beans 10 to 15 cents. Dutch Mills Cafe, 100 Main St.

• W. R. Asdel of Los Angeles, Calif., was a business visitor here the first of the week.

• Large and spicy hamburgers, 10 cents, Dutch Mill Cafe, 100 Main St.

• Joy Mobley has returned to Clovis after two weeks in Belen visiting with


• Lamar Hamilton underwent an operation at the Baptist Hospital last Tuesday night and is reported resting nicely.

• Famous Irish Beef Stew only 15 cents a plate. Dutch Mill Cafe 100 Main St.

• Dorothy Bennett and Claude Thornton visited friends in Lockney Monday and the Ladies of the First Christian Church devoted Tuesday afternoon making calls.

• Good Driplator coffee 5 cents, pie 10 tens. Dutch Mill Cafe 100 Main St.

• Mrs. Ted Quinn, from Wellington, Kansas has been visiting her son and wife, Mr. and Mrs. Wesley Quinn.

• District Judge Harry L. Patton is able to sit up after a recent operation at an El Paso hospital.

• Dale Epperson has been quite ill for several days.

• Booth for the family at the Dutch Mill Cafe 100 Main St.

• Mrs. R. B. Worthing accompanied Mrs. Worthing to a Lubbock hospital where she received medical treatment for a few days.

• The Levi Whiteman Novelty Shop fixes broken Indian Jewelry, at 117 East 5th, Clovis, N.M.

• We are buying cream at J. W. Johnston’s Grocery on West 7th St. Would appreciate you giving was a Trial – Bill Burch.

• See our Special Style for Mothers Day Photo’s. Sullivan’s Studio.

• Dr. T. E. Presley — Eye, Ear, Nose, and Throat— Glasses Fitted. Office 119 W. 4th St., Clovis, N.M.

• For Sale: Oil, Gas and Electric Stove, Hot Plates. Gasoline Ranges, Ice boxes and Radios. All in good condition — Clovis Trading Co., 617 West Seventh St.

• Plumbling:- Save on your water bills. Let us repair those leaks. Phone 552-W, Leroy Davidson, 915 Axtell St.

• Building Supplies:- Deliver your sand and Gravel at 8 cents in Trade or 7 cents cast per Cwt. Davidson’s Transfer & Storage. Phone 152 – Box 544 – Clovis, N.M.

(Thanks for the Dutch Mill Cafe advertisements. As a little kid I ate there many times.)