Students say Kids College puts fun in summer

CNJ staff photo: Liliana Castillo Elyssa Dominguez, 13, uses a tool to add a detail to a bowl during a wheel-thrown pottery class at the Clovis Community College Kids College program. It is held at the college each summer.

Liliana Castillo

Christian Crider said summer is usually boring.

This year, he took two classes during Clovis Community College’s Kids College program and now says summer isn’t boring anymore.

Kids College, an annual continuing education program provided by CCC, includes classes for children of all ages including poetry, sign language, volleyball and various arts.

Ceramics teacher Madelyn Amaro is in her eighth year working the summer program. She said her students pick things up at the same pace as adult students in her wheel-thrown pottery class.

“It depends on the student,” she said. “Some get the hang of it right away and some take a while. Just like adults.”

Amaro said the children are more comfortable admitting a mistake.

“They’ll just squish up their clay and say ‘I messed up, I need more clay,’” she said.

Amaro said she enjoys that children want to try something new like wheel-thrown pottery.

One of her students, 11-year-old Taylor Smith, said making pottery on a wheel is “cool and hard.”

“You have to get it just right,” she said, working on a vase for her mom.

Student Jacie Stroud, 11, took pottery last summer. She chose “Elements of Art” and volleyball this summer.

“I like art very much,” Stroud said. “I like to be creative and draw my own stuff. You can do what you want.”

Muleshoe art teacher Heather Hancock taught the art class after contacting CCC.

“I always knew I wanted to be an art teacher but I didn’t know what age I wanted to teach,” she said.

Hancock said she was happy to be a part of Kids College because of the opportunities it provides to children.

“It’s awesome holding these classes kind of in the college atmosphere. Some of these classes are ones students might not have the opportunity to take in public school,” Hancock said.