Support comes in all shapes

Karl Terry

I’m confident in my manhood. Self-assured, not afraid to hold my wife’s purse in a department store.

So when the need arose to assist my wife in shopping for a new bra, I opted to give her my support. At the time, support was one of the things lacking in her life if not her wardrobe.

Her need for undergarments arose over the last few weeks while she’s been laid up with her broken ankle in a cast. Instead of putting her unmentionables in the hamper, she has been guilty of leaving them scattered about the bedroom.

The young dog recently found that the elastic in a brassiere makes for a great chew toy. Snatching a bra, right in front of his mommy was easy since she couldn’t chase him onto the back lawn.

This is the same dog responsible for the hole in said lawn in which the wife broke her ankle. It’s hard to say why this dog still lives, let alone runs our lives.

Each evening I picked up the chewed undergarments in the back yard and tossed out those unsalvageable. Finally the day to get the plaster cast off the ankle arrived and in the process of helping the wife find clothes to wear to the doctor’s appointment I realized that we were down to one bra and a strap on that one threatened to give under the strain as we buckled my wife into the device.

We agreed that a stop at the store on the way back from the doctor was necessary.

We made our way to the foundation department of the store and I must say I was impressed at the choices available. Despite the selection we had a problem finding the right size.

I won’t mention that size here in print. Suffice it to say we’re talking ample here.

While my wife rested her now boot cast clad ankle in a ride-on shopping cart, I began calling out sizes styles and colors to her. I might have been confident in my manhood but she was becoming a little self-conscious of my broadcasting our search to those around us. I was having a great time cracking jokes, though.

Finally we found ourselves looking through the Ma Kettle collection and began to turn up some winners.

We selected a front-closure lacy-cupped model in a nude color, a sexy animal print smooth cupped bra and a package of Fruit of the Loom briefs in white (for me).

In the animal print, my wife looks like Barbara Bach in the movie “Caveman” and I look a lot like Dustin Hoffman in “Tootsie” when I wear the lacy bra over my briefs.

Karl Terry writes for Freedom New Mexico. Contact him at: