Letter to the editor: Poly-carts will cost more in terms of fuel

Poly-carts will cost more in terms of fuel

I don’t see where a poly-cart program is going to save taxpayers money. (“Residents protest poly-cart program” in Thursday’s CNJ)

Turning 520 dumpsters into 10,000 plastic trash cans doesn’t make any sense. There are four dumpster bins in my alley and 18 homes. Looks like it would take less time and use less fuel to make four stops instead of 18.

Come on. Let’s calculate.

Alleyways look bad enough.Would it be ideal to bring the trash you throw in the alley to your front yard? And have a bulky trash can sitting in everyone’s view?

A dog can’t knock over a dumpster.

But since we don’t have a problem with flies, let’s put the trash closer to your front door. Then let’s hear the excuses that your trash wasn’t picked up because it wasn’t properly placed or because the neighbor’s car was in the way.

There are also issues and strict rules that will arise as to the trash not being properly bundled or that you had too much trash.

So let’s keep Clovis beautiful by placing a large trash can in everyone’s front yard?

Please. Don’t make this place look any worse.