Allegations are grossly overstated

I have been disturbed by the recent allegations brought by the Concerned Citizens of Curry County.

Statistics published in the Clovis News Journal would suggest minority hiring percentages for management level employees at Clovis schools have actually gone up in the last five years. Maybe there’s something I’m missing here, but in view of that statistic, it would seem to me that these charges that have been leveled against Superintendent Rhonda Seidenwurm are, if not groundless, at least grossly overstated.

I don’t know David Briseno. As leader of the CCCC group he was quoted in Sunday’s paper saying this campaign was not one of revenge against Seidenwurm personally.

If that’s true, then why is this group demanding the immediate removal of the superintendent? It would seem to me it is exactly about revenge for some perceived offense. If it weren’t, the group would be content to let her serve out the rest of tenure, which is only about 45 more days.

I believe Briseno and his followers should be ashamed of their conduct both toward Seidenwurm and toward the school board members they have attacked. It takes no courage or intelligence to criticize. It does take courage to take responsibility for wrongful actions that have resulted in the harm of another human being.

A Chinese philosopher once said: “If your journey is one of revenge, begin it by digging two graves.”

I only know Seidenwurm casually from seeing her at community events. However, as an outsider, and a community member, it appears that she has done a good job in some difficult circumstances and deserves not the criticism of the community, but the gratitude of the city for the progress that has been made during her tenure.