Letters to the editor: Rooting for Christian spirit’s return

Rooting for Christian spirit’s return

Not long ago, “fighting spirit” was what took hold when the Clovis Wildcats competed against Alamogordo.

It was a competitive attitude encouraged in sports but frowned upon elsewhere because Clovis was a hand-shaking, hat-tipping town where neighbors respected neighbors.

Civility and kindness were not only encouraged, they were expected as part of the “Christian spirit.”

Recently I have noticed a change in the spirit of Clovis. Whenever political or cultural opinions differ, the combative tone of words now escalates while the respect-your-neighbor intention plummets. Sadly, many are passing this negativity off as the new “Christian spirit.”

My grandmother, a devout member of Parkland Baptist Church until her last breath, is likely tugging on her pink chiffon dress to turn over in her grave.

She spent her entire life devoted to the loving mission of Christ and never once picked up weapons of fear or hate-based speech to combat an opinion or policy with which she disagreed. Like Christ, she wielded only love.

In 1988, my grandma was named pioneer woman of the year for her work on behalf of New Mexicans regardless of their race, religion, home team or political persuasion. She understood that loving, respectful discourse brought people together where anger and resentment brought division. Mary Ellen Reed arrived at the pearly gates with a resume that read, “Just look at New Mexico.”

I write today in support of my home team. I’m rooting for Clovis to win back the Christian spirit that once brought people more comfort than fear and more hope than despair.

The Bible says, “Whatsoever a man soweth, so shall he also reap.” For the welfare of all, I pray our words, our actions and our spirit aim to sow — and duly reap — only an abundance of love.