Reporter’s notebook: Indian weatherman predicts fair spring

CNJ staff

Chief Joseph Weldon Crim of the Plains Indians said Tuesday the wind indicates fair spring weather.

Every March 22, Crim goes to his ranch in Lazbuddie, Texas, to build a campfire. The direction of the smoke is a guide to the upcoming spring weather

“I have to get out of town because the wind direction is affected by the buildings,” said Crim, who took the tradition over in 1980 from his father, John.

The smoke blew from the north to the south this year, Crim said, which means the buffalo will be fat, squaws will be happy and crops will be fairly good.

The best wind to hope for is northwest, and the worst is northeast, Crim said. He said the smoke correctly predicted a dry spring of 2009, and claims 80 percent accuracy through the ritual.