We should come before God with humble spirit

By Judy Brandon: Religion columnist

The Bible teaches that we all must come to God with humble attitude. An Old Testament but timely story in the Bible reveals this truth in 2 Kings 5:1-14.

There was a little Israelite slave girl, a worshipper of Jehovah, who served in the elegant household of Naaman, Capitan of the Syrian army. He was one of the King Banhadad’s most influential commanders. The Israelite girl was his wife’s handmaiden.

Aristocratic, successful, brave and handsome, Naaman seemed to have it all. Yet a life altering event had changed his life.

He had leprosy a dreaded and deadly disease. After consulting with the best physicians in Syria, Naaman gave up hope for cure and realized his impending death.

Seeing the sorrow of her mistress, the Israelite girl who had served Naaman’s family so well, suggested to her mistress that Naaman go see the prophet of God, Elisha in Samaria.

They listened to her. Since both Naaman and his wife were desperate for a cure, they told the King and he wrote a letter to the King of Israel as an introduction for Naaman.