Letters to the Editor: Lack of respect shown at Olympics

Lack of respect shown at Olympics

The Olympic Games are something I look forward to every four years because I enjoy sports and I’ll watch almost anything that gets me away from one rerun after another.

One of the things I enjoy about the Games are the medal ceremonies. When our anthem is played it’s always interesting to me how the American athletes receiving medals behave as they stand before the world.

Unfortunately, some of the Olympians are not any different from many professional athletes when it comes to showing their patriotism.

I wonder where they (and the on-site audience) learned that it is proper to laugh, wave at the crowd, chew gum or try to emulate someone playing a guitar while the anthem is being played.

Unless I’m in a complete memory lapse, the proper thing to do is stand at attention, face the flag, and place your right hand over your heart and remain that way until after the last note is played.

At least that’s the way we were taught when I was growing up. It fell under the heading of respect for our flag and patriotism.

Aside from reciting the Pledge of Allegiance in our schools today, I wonder if anything is taught in regard to respecting the flag.

It really pains me to watch events in which the participants think that because they just won a medal or recently signed a multi-million dollar contract that the anthem is being played to honor them.

That music being played is to honor our flag and our country.

Now, let the management of the U.S. Olympic Team and all professional teams get on the ball and train their athletes how to respond to our National Anthem. The world is watching.

Bill Sconone