First person: All-around excellence

CNJ staff photo: Liliana Castillo Ben Singletary of Clovis was awarded the Discus Award given to all-around students earlier this month.

Clovis High School senior Ben Singletary recently won the national Discus Award.

The award highlights high school students who excel all-around, not just at school.

Searching: I applied for the award to get scholarships. I want to go to the Academy of Arts University at San Francisco. I want to study graphic arts on the advertising side. I’ve been interested in graphic arts for a year or two now. I was really good at the computer arts that the high school offered and I decided I’d have a future with it.

Awardee: I’m pretty happy I got the award. It’s good for my resume and I’m hoping it’ll open doors to scholarships. The school with housing is pretty expensive so I’m trying to find a way to pay for it all.

All-rounder: I’m really not a very good student in class. But I like to learn and I like to do a lot of other things. I like to race bikes and stuff that’s just not school sponsored. I like graphic arts because of the creativeness of it. I like to have something out there and everyone else sees it and makes them to do it.

Traveling man: I’m excited to move to San Francisco. I attended the Academy of Arts University at San Francisco and took a few classes so I already know the campus and stuff. I like the coolness of San Francisco. Everything is different. I like the open-mindedness and the fact that things are actually happening there.

— Compiled by CNJ staff writer Liliana Castillo