Parenting presentation to discuss technology, gang issues

CNJ staff

A presentation on modern parenting 6 p.m. today at Marshall Junior High School is designed to help parents understand the technology being used by teens and gang issues they may be exposed to.

Members of the Curry County Sheriff’s Office’s Internet Crimes Against Children unit and the Clovis Police Department’s gang unit will be presenting information to parents on risks and exposures their children may face.

Sheriff Matt Murray said ICAC investigators will present a parent’s guide to Internet safety for children, covering topics such as “sexting”, cyber bullying, Chatroulette, social networking such as MySpace, Facebook, Craig’s List, and general Internet safety and precautions.

And Clovis officers will talk about gangs in the city and help parents learn how to identify gang influence on their children.

Amy Sellers, president of Marshall’s Parent Involvement Committee, said her group is hosting the event to help educate parents and the public on issues unique to today’s generation of teens can be challenging.

“I thought back to when I was a kid in school. I think the main thing my parents worried about was me passing notes to friends and what those notes said,” she said.

“Now kids can send text messages and delete them before a parent ever sees them… it’s about the kids and how can we keep them safe and happy and out of trouble.”

A secretary at the Clovis Police Department, Sellers said coordinated the event with law enforcement to help parents get the most up-to-date knowledge and resources to equip them to help modern kids.