Letters to the editor: Take responsibility for own pets

Take responsibility for own pets

Well, it’s happened again: An irresponsible person brought their pet out to the country to find a new home last month.

My first reaction upon arising and letting our own pets out to meet the day was “oh great, not again.”

Upon further examination, I found the stray was not in good health. So this left a decision to be made by my husband and myself. Do we wait for the pound to open and take the dog there, which would be costly? Or do we protect our animals from disease and do the job ourselves?

Have you ever had to make this decision? It is very heart wrenching not knowing what is wrong with the stray. After much thought you decide to do the job in the most loving and humane way possible.

Next time you have a dirty job for the farmers and ranchers in the county to do, stop and think. We country folks are humans just like you. We love our animals but are sensible enough to know that you don’t drop them off on someone else’s doorstep for them to deal with.

Please, next time be more responsible.