a view from under the pew: a christmas paradox

By Gary Mitchell: CNJ religion columnist

Editor’s note: When Amos went shopping recently, he encountered the trials of last-minute Christmas shoppers. In frustration, he called out for the real meaning of Christmas.

Just then, Sammy Salamander wiggled by and pointed him to a little nativity scene far from the malling crowd but in the heart of Bugtussle. Jenny (the little girl mouse next door) was playing the role of Mary; Willifred the White Rat was Joseph; Freddy Flea was baby Jesus; Virgil the Praying Mantis was a shepherd; Robin Redjoy, Oliver Owl and Rawley Eagle were the wise men; and Louie the Songdog was a cow.

Amos is a churchmouse who types by hurling himself at the keys but he can’t use the shift keys and he shuns punctuation marks — except for hyphens and dashes.

a christmas paradox