First Person: Gym owner stays fit for holidays

CNJ staff photo: Liliana Castillo Oscar Cleare, a personal trainer, says the best ways to stay fit over the holiday is to remain active and use portion control.

Oscar Cleare has been a personal trainer for almost 30 years. He now owns his own gym, Bodies in Motion. His secret to staying fit and healthy during the holidays and the big meals that come with them is portion control and staying active.

Healthy OC: To stay healthy during the holidays, I just don’t change up what I do any other time. The basic thing that I think I’m going to do is minimize a lot of sweets, that I don’t do anyhow so holidays don’t really change up what I personally do. I might eat some different foods but I don’t really go berserk on eating a whole lot of sweets, a whole lot of extras and what not. Personally, I eat less food on the holidays than I eat any given day just because of the time frame of eating and what not.

Directions from teacher: What I would suggest for others is that if they are already in an activity, stay active. Just don’t over eat. I tell my clients don’t miss out on anything but get a small amount of everything you actually want to have and go ahead and enjoy it. Don’t let a holiday pass and you not enjoy some of the festivities of the holiday but you just don’t have to over indulge. I probably say that’s the biggest key. Just don’t over indulge and just don’t eat too much at any one given time and just stay active over the holidays.

OC’s world: This gym is my life, my world right now. We just got in this facility about six weeks ago. This is a lifetime dream for me to not only just own a gym but own your own gym where the facility itself is yours. I’m living out my dream right now basically. Training people is just a plus for me because I get a chance to help people out every day of the week.

Intro to the biz: I got into being a personal training by people bothering me too much in the gym for my own personal knowledge. I started thinking and people told me, “Why don’t you get a certification or start to train people where you can actually get paid for what you’re doing?” And it’s just wanting to help people. I can only help so many, but if people can actually pay me (to) help then I can actually spend a little more time and energy on them directly.