Education committee helps support schools

By Penny Bailey: Guest columnist

Did you know Clovis Schools has an Education Foundation? And, if you did, do you know what it is for? Well, if not, you are not alone as a lot of people in Clovis are not aware of the foundation. Or, if they know the Education Foundation exists, they’re not too sure what it is for.

Recently, it was my privilege to see this board in action as they provided grants to five teachers in five Clovis Municipal Schools. And this was not your tax dollars, but money people have donated specifically to the Education Foundation to support Clovis schools.

Teachers from almost every school in our district submitted grant applications. I had the opportunity to read each grant and was inspired to see the creativity and ingenuity of our educators. The grant program is designed to encourage and reward innovative instruction, and that is certainly what I found. Teachers are thinking “outside the box” (so to speak) in an effort to provide an enriched education for their students.

I also discovered there are a number of people in our community that make up the Education Foundation Board who are just as interested and supportive of our students as our teachers. Within the Education Foundation Board, there is a grant committee comprised of six people who gave up some of their personal time to review 13 applications.

They met early one morning to select the winning applications. The committee members painstakingly reviewed and discussed each application; then selected the ones that will have the greatest impact and affect the most students.

Afterward, members of the Education Foundation and central office administrators went to each school and personally awarded grants to the teachers who took the time to write the winning applications. It was obvious that the students were as excited as the teachers! Whether it meant a special field trip, new computer software, building a robot, or learning a new language everyone was excited and appreciative.

The Education Foundation’s motto is, “Inspire, Enrich, Enhance” and it sure does! I learned it is a non-profit, tax-exempt organization that supports all our schools. So, if you have been looking for a way to support our schools locally, this could be your ticket! Mayor Gayla Brumfield, the President of the Education Foundation, and she or Holly Stockstill would be happy to talk to you about how you can get involved. They can be reached at 769-1951.

Congratulations, teachers, for your creativity, innovativeness and especially for the way you care for our students. And thanks to those who serve on the Education Foundation Board…together you make a great team!