Religion feature: Communities reach out with High Plains Fall Festival

Courtesy photo Evangelist Jay Lowder will speak at the end of each evening of the four-day High Plains Fall Festival held at the Curry County Events Center Nov. 1-4.

By Liliana Castillo: CNJ staff writer

In 2001, area communities participated in an event called Communities for Christ. During the event, speaker Tony Evans challenged the area to create a hope center.

Matt 25 Hope Center was created out of the old hospital on Thornton Street. Because of the success, community members decided to host another community-wide event.

Thus the High Plains Fall Festival was born.

The four-day event includes Christian musicians, an evangelist, entertainment, an illusionist, speakers and a drama and will be held at the Curry County Events Center.

Chair Sid Strebeck said the event was organized by about 1,000 volunteers.

“This is an opportunity for the area to gather with each other and to meet new people. The event offers people of all backgrounds a life changing opportunity,” Strebeck said. “This is not about a denomination getting people to their church.”

Evangelist Jay Lowder will speak at the end of each evening.

Dramatist Clyde Annandale will perform Sunday and Monday.

Elvis Presley’s step-brother, Rick Stanley, will share his story of growing up with and working security for Presley.

Illusionist Jared Hall, who has been compared with Chris Angel, will perform Wednesday.

Musician Jason Crabb will perform all four evenings.

Hispanic musician Cesar Tovar will perform Tuesday.

Monday will feature a military reception. The first 200 military families will receive a gift bag and a meal.

Tuesday features a car giveaway and Wednesday includes free pizza and giveaways for students.

Co-chair Tammy Garner said the event is about churches coming to together and reaching out to others.

“In football, a huddle is important for the team to go out and make the plays. But if all we do is huddle, people that don’t know Christ will only see our backs. This is our way of going out and asking people to come and hear the word of God. This is us allowing others to see the God’s glory in our lives,” Garner said.

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High Plains Fall Festival schedule


7 p.m.

Music – Jason Crabb

Drama – Clyde Annandale: “Fisherman”

Talk – Jay Lowder


6 p.m. – Military reception

7 p.m.

Music – Jason Crabb

Drama – Clyde Annandale: “Executioner”

Talk -Jay Lowder


7 p.m.

Car giveaway

Music – Jason Crabb and Cesar Tovar

Life story – Elvis’ brother Rick Stanley

Talk – Jay Lowder


6 p.m.

Student emphasis: Free pizza and giveaways

Illusionist – Jared Hall

Music – Jason Crabb Band

Talk – Jay Lowder