Gubernatorial candidate pledges end to corruption

CNJ staff photo: Sharna Johnson Allen Weh, Republican candidate for governor, said he plans to bring integrity back to state government.

Allen Weh said unraveling corruption and doing away with unnecessary or irrational regulations are top priorities for him if he should become governor.

Weh spoke to a group of more than 75 during a meeting of the High Plains Patriots Thursday night at the Master’s Center in Clovis.

A retired Marine Colonel and business owner, Weh said he wants to see a return to integrity in New Mexico government and vowed to end corruption and prosecute those engaged in it.

“I will hold them accountable for breaches of integrity and prosecute them to the fullest extent of the law,” he said, quoting a former director of the FBI who, during a visit, referred to New Mexico as the “most corrupt state in the union.”

High Plains Patriots vice-president Kim Runyan said the turnout Thursday was typical for the group’s regular meetings.

The High Plains Patriots is a political group that boasts a nonpartisan effort to return to the roots of American government.

Weh said his top priorities are bringing back integrity to state government, working to strengthen the economy and education.

Weh said the current state administration has over-regulated the state — governing through regulations instead of legislation — and its people and has placed people in government jobs because of political alliances.

He said he plans to rescind regulations that are “irrational”.

“This administration is harassing gas and oil, is harassing the dairies, is harassing the pecan farmers,” he said.

Weh vowed to support farmers and business people if elected.

He also pledged to return to Clovis.