Imagining the very best news of all

By Curtis K. Shelburne: Local columnist

Call the shot. If you could just “wish” it into existence, and the sky’s the limit, what’s the very best “good news” you could imagine?

At first, I admit, my own sights might be set a tad low, but I’m just reporting some things that jump into my mind.

I fire up the computer, and the news splashed across the Internet is this: “IRS Abolished! National Sales Tax Levels Playing Field! Citizens No Longer Waste Untold Hours Working for the Government / Politicians Forced

to Look Harder for Ways to Polarize Rich & Poor.”

Or, less political, I suddenly get word that someone has slipped into my garage, cleaned it completely, and I’ve been given hours to spend just as I like in the garage, the shed, or other suitable man cave.

Or … someone’s slipped into my closet in my study at church and done a similar cleaning. It’s completely organized, and I didn’t do a thing.

Or … here’s a week to take off on the motorcycle and just ride in beautiful weather and watch the leaves turn.

Or … two weeks straight at my grandparents’ old place at Robert Lee, just reading good books, feeding the birds, and several of those days enjoying my brothers, and several of those days in quiet not saying a word at all, except to God. No cell phone!

Or — hey, I said shoot for the moon—a couple of weeks on a cruise ship anywhere, just my wife and me at sea.

Or, and I’m raising my sights here, some great days with granddaughters Brylan & Brenley! Or, along that line, some great days with the whole bunch, sons and daughters-in-law, and the little beauties, and even the granddogs, and nowhere to need to go or be or do for days except play cards, watch movies, cook out, and eat!

But let’s raise our sights some more! Amazingly good news! What would it be?

That some dear friends dealing with cancer or chronic illness or disability are suddenly completely healed.

Or, just as hard and just as beautiful, that some relationships gone sour are suddenly healthy and joyful again.

And let’s raise our sights even higher. Amazingly good news, so good that we can hardly imagine it . . .

We suddenly hear a trumpet blast, and angels sing, and we see our Lord coming back and then beginning to unfold before us richer, deeper, more beautiful than we could ever dream, the new heavens and the new earth, and we find ourselves truly home for the very first time. One look into the eyes of the One we love who knows and loves us completely, and we know that the best story of all will never end, nor will we ever cease to drink in the deepest of all joy.

That last, and best, good news? You don’t have to “wish” it into existence. In God’s good time, it will happen. Love Him, trust Him, and count on it!