Letter to the editor: Government’s inabilities proven

Government’s inabilities proven

I am a concerned American. I am dissatisfied with our government.

I don’t like the large deficit spending of our taxes. Our government has bankrupted Medicare, Social Security, and now they want to give away more of our taxes by taking over private industry health care in exchange for government health care to provide for some 40 million uninsured Americans.

We Americans already have been voicing our objections. It will mean more freebies for uninsured people who can’t pay for insurance — so we taxpayers will end paying the cost.

The uninsured are already getting freebies, receiving health care by using the hospital emergency room, which is paid for mostly with indigent funds, which come from working people’s taxes.

I understand that our present Medicare system will go broke in the next few years. This is caused by greedy excessive charges exercised by doctors and hospitals. However, our government regulations contributes to the cause by requiring excessive paperwork, laws, and allowing freely public lawsuits against the medical industry.

These are the problems that need reforming, along with finding ways that will lower the cost for medical care.

We don’t need the government to run the system. The government has shown its inability to run it by the way it spends, spends and establishes the huge deficit we are now experiencing.

Let’s take our country back. The Constitution provides to the people, not to our government. Government officials work for us. It’s our money they are using.