First person: Fun to be followed

CNJ staff photo: Liliana Castillo Scott Knauer of Clovis uses his network of about 1,000 Twitter followers as his personal news source.

Scott Knauer of Clovis has about 1,000 followers on Twitter. As a graphic and Web designer, Knauer said he enjoys talking to people with similar interest as him on the web. Twitter is his news source. But even he admits, social networking can be information overload.

Virtual social butterfly: Social networking is a pretty big part of my life. A lot of it is about socializing and kind of meeting new people but it’s beyond talking to people on the Internet. It’s even meeting people locally who share similar interests in Web design and technology and things like that. But it also kind of plays a key part in getting new customers and meeting new people and fulfilling needs. Just kind of being connected with everybody.

Good or bad?: I think social networking is a little bit of both good and bad. I think just like with anything, somebody can go overboard with e-mail or a cell phone, you can very much do the same thing with Facebook and Twitter and just about any social site. You really do kind of need to find a balance and limit yourself, I think.

Business Tweeting: I use Twitter for my business to some degree. It’s nice to talk to other Web designers and graphic designers as well. I’ve seen a lot of other businesses using it to drive new business and get new customers too. You kind of see everybody doing it for business and pleasure. It’s a really easy way to reach just a huge audience and it’s really accessible so that anybody can just pick it up and learn it and use it for whatever needs they see.

Free time: I’m into photography and art and hanging out with my family and kids. My wife and I have been married for three years. I was an Air Force brat. My dad retired here and this just kind of became my home too. My family and I, we like to find things to do here, especially on Main Street. I really like the charm of Main Street. I think it’s kind of underutilized. We like to come shopping, go to the art store. We like to travel a lot and go camping and stuff like that.

1,000 and counting: I have about 900 or 1,000 followers on Twitter. It’s not that I communicate directly with all of them, but it’s neat to kind of have a public stream of what people are saying. People in the design industry who share links and news stories about things that I’m interested in so it’s kind of my news source. It can be information overload. There’s a lot and it kind of helps to learn to filter it out and look for what your looking for so you don’t get a lot of noise from people you aren’t interested in, I guess.