Socialized health care not answer

I think it was shortsighted of the Clovis News Journal to print only one photo and caption of the socialized medicine protest meeting outside the library in the Saturday edition and to run an Associated Press piece on Obama’s telling Congress not to “lose heart.”

I think the government does have a role in health care.

Millions of people who have no health insurance could benefit by an extension of the Medicare or Medicaid program to cover them but let’s leave the rest of us alone.

Some of us have Medicare, some have employer health care and some have TRICARE.

One thing is sure and that is if the government offers socialized medicine that will be the end of at least one option regardless of what Obama says.

Employers will drop health coverage like a hot potato.

I think we ought to fix a broken part of health care insurance coverage and cover the people who aren’t covered and/or people younger than 65 who can’t afford coverage of any type.