A view from under the pew: amos finds a firecracker

By Gary Mitchell: CNJ religion columnist

amos finds a firecracker

one grand and bright
sunshiny day as i was
whistling on my way
boss – it was just before the
fourth of july and i was
so happy i could cry –
when across my weary
path i spied this odd hot dog
with its tail just fried
and it had printed – black cat –
on its side

what is it says i to
no one in particular

why it s a ufo from roswell
says willifred the white
rat who came by about then

no it s a missile from iran or
north korea or somewhere else
says freddie flea who was
hiding behind a tree

no you re all wet says
sammy salamander who
popped up from a nearby
pond it s one of them new-
fangled breakfast burritos

no it s more dangerous than
that says bertie woeworm
who heard the commotion
and wriggled to the site

what makes you say that
says me

cause i know says he
that s a firecracker an
animal death-stick oh
woe is us woe is us

i tell you these firecrackers
may not look like much but
they deal in death and disaster
a bunch says he