First person: Job search leads Clovis man to senior centers

CNJ staff photo: Liliana Castillo Nick Coronado spends his spare time reading and playing video games with his son.

Nick Coronado left construction nine months ago in search of a more consistent income. Two months later, he was hired by the City of Clovis Older Adults Department. Now Coronado, 37, works at both the Friendship and Baxter-Curren senior centers doing a little bit of everything, including janitorial and yard work.

Working with seniors: I like my job. The people are very friendly here. There was a lot of stress in construction. This is more easy going. I enjoy hanging out with the guys who play pool. They’re very cool. They tell you stories about when they were growing up and it’s always fun to hear.

Small town life: I was born in Fort Sumner and raised in Melrose. In Melrose, we really only had the Allsup’s to hang out at. We would have a restaurant off and on. But we spent most of our time in Clovis. Someone had a car and we’d all pile in with our bikes and just ride our bikes around Clovis all night. It was good exercise and a lot of fun.

Video games please: My son is 15 years old. He’s Nick Coronado too. He does a lot on his own now. Video games get us together some. We like to go to amusement parks and things like that.

Give me a book any day: I like reading sci-fi books. Anything by Charles Sheffield and Greg Bear is great. They’re both really intelligent. I like the books I read to make me think. With Sheffield, sometimes you have to read paragraphs a couple of times to understand what he’s saying.

Summer fun: My son and I go camping and things in the summer. We try to go outside but sometimes it’s too hot to even worry about. I’m taking my son to his first concert in Albuquerque next month. We’re both very excited.

Trekkie: I haven’t seen the new Star Trek movie. I’ve seen every one of the Star Trek movies in theater except for one. If I get some free time, I’m gonna try and catch this one.

— Compiled by CNJ staff writer Liliana Castillo.