Amos: Melody the monarch

By Gary Mitchell: CNJ religion columnist

Editor’s note: Amos received a letter from his niece, Annie Marie (a.k.a. Mara Andrews), who wrote about her friend, Melody Monarch, and wanted to share it with his readers. Amos is a churchmouse, who types by hurling himself at the computer keyboard, but he can’t operate the capital shift, and he shuns punctuation marks – except hyphens and dashes.

dear amos

i ve been having fun
volunteering at the
little mousey school
down the street

especially with those
kindergartners uncle –
they re so cute with
their wide eyes
full of awe

was i ever
that way

but anyway
the cool thing was
when they learned
bout butterflies and
how they go from a
sad woeworm to a
beautiful new creation

which reminded
me that i hadn’t told
you bout my new
friend melody

melody is a
beautiful monarch
you see
vibrant with orange
and black wings
but that s not all
she can sing
point here

she loves music
so much –
more than most folks
i imagine

not only does she
light on a note or two
as she hums through
her day but sometimes
she ll pause to listen
to a meadowlark
or a blue jay and
pay attention
to their tune

that may sound like
what any old joe or jane
would do but she s
always got a kind
word or two
for those singing

not like that grumpy
simon cowbird
on the bugtussle idol show
who always throws
stones uncle

one day i asked her
why she was always
so cheerful and she
said that she wasn t
always so

before she became a
beautiful butterfly
she replied
her life was full of
such sadness and pain
and she stayed
that way

but thanks to god
she s come through it
and she says
now she