The three Rs of summer: reading, relaxing and more reading

CNJ staff photo: Liliana Castillo Clovis educators are urging students to read through the summer, which Yucca Middle School seventh-grader Hanna Langan said won’t be a problem for her. “I like sad stories,” she said.

By Liliana Castillo: CNJ staff writer

Clovis educators are reminding students that summer vacation doesn’t mean it’s time to drop the books and sit on the couch. At least, not entirely.

“Yes, kids should relax and unwind,” Yucca Middle School Principal Alan Dropps said. “But it’s not time to become a couch potato.”

Dropps said it is important for children to stay active throughout summer, mentally and physically, because it helps prepare them for the next grade.

“Being active will help keep you mentally fit,” Dropps said. “Reading is probably the biggest thing to keep you mentally sharp.”

Dropps said students can pleasure read during the summer. The intention isn’t necessarily to read school books, but to read in general, he said, because it exercises the brain.

Sandia Elementary School Principal Matthew Vetterly said keeping the brain active is the most important thing.

“Read, write with pencil and paper and ask questions,” he said.

Vetterly also stressed the importance of vacationing during vacation.

“The children need to relax,” he said. “That way they sharpen the saw, freshen themselves and come back in the fall ready to learn.”

Summer plans

Sandia Elementary fourth-grader Taylor Foster

“I’m going with my family to Dallas for church camp. My favorite things about summer are getting to sleep in and I don’t have to eat the food here. I have a calendar and I’ve been marking out the days until summer vacation.”

Yucca Junior High School seventh-grader Hanna Langan

“I’ll be spending this summer working on my cheerleading and playing softball. I’ve played softball since second grade and cheered since first grade. I’ll get to sleep in and hang out with my friends. I’m pretty excited. I’ve been counting down the hours.”

Sandia Elementary fifth-grader T.J. Smith

“I’m going to Colorado to see my family. We’ll go hiking, swimming and hunting. I’m glad for summer because I get to sleep in and play more.”

Sandia Elementary sixth-grader Kortni Osborn

“I can’t wait for next year because I’m going to be a cheerleader there. I’ve been practicing for four weeks. During the summer, I’m going to cheerleading camp at Texas Tech.”

Yucca Middle School seventh-grader Danny Borwick

“I’m going to Disney World. We haven’t had a vacation in like three years so I’m excited. I like roller coasters. Also, I’ll work on cross country for next year. I run two to three miles every day.”

Sandia Elementary fifth-grader Frankie Conte and third-grader Nicolas Conte

“We’re going to California to see our cousins. They come to see us some summers and we go to see them other summers. We’re going to the San Diego Zoo.”