Meetings Watch: Clovis Community College Board of Trustees, May 6

The Clovis Community College Board of Trustees met Wednesday at the college.

• Board members approved a food services contract with Canteen of Central New Mexico to run the school’s snack bar.

The school currently operates the snack bar, and has done so at a loss of about $15,000 annually over the last two years, Vice President for Administration David Pacheco said.

The school submitted a request for proposal and got offers from Sodexho, which serves Eastern New Mexico University, and Canteen of Central New Mexico, which is not affilliated with Central New Mexico Community College in Albuquerque.

Purchasing Agent Annette Johnson said Canteen’s offer was much more detailed and tailored to CCC’s needs. Sodexho would require CCC pay $35,000 and purchase food in exchange for a split of revenue. Canteen, meanwhile, offered to completely take over the snack bar, and CCC would split any profits above the first 6.5 percent.

“Canteen came through with flying colors,” Johnson said. “Their menus looked great, and they were very detailed on catering options.”

• The board approved the proposed 2009-10 operating budget of $23.1 million, with appropriation revenue down 5.8 percent from the current year.

Pacheco said the school was making up the gap through attrition and not filling some vacant positions.

• An agreement was reached with Miller and Associaties to handle the school’s audit services.

• Board members approved a code of conduct related to student loan activities. The code is required to be published by new federal consumer information regulations. It stipulates that the college cannot enter into revenue sharing agreements with lenders, guarantor or servicer of student loans, and employees involved in financial aid cannot accept gifts from such institutions.