Church receives assistance with new building

CNJ staff photo: Liliana Castillo The Missionary Landmark Baptist Church’s new building will be ready to hold services in June.

By Liliana Castillo: CNJ staff writer

Missionary Landmark Baptist Church of Clovis was meeting in a rented room at Wayland Baptist University.

The room was big enough for the 30 area residents that were attending their service. But in order for them to grow, they needed a church building.

Members of the Flippo Missionary Baptist Chapel in Pleasant Plains, Ark., answered their call and spent the week building a church on Williams Avenue.

Pastor Joe Helms with the Flippo Chapel, said that Pastor Jack Spencer with the Clovis church contacted him looking for support for his budding church.

“We had a group out here that believe like we do, so we decided to get involved,” Helms said. “They’re at a state where if they had a building it would help with growth.”

Missionary Baptists are conservative Baptists that “stick strictly to what the Bible says,” Spencer said.

Spencer came to Clovis three years ago in search of those that agreed with his beliefs. He said the church started with a few people but grew after Spencer and the church members went out into the community and ministered.

“But this building will give us the idea of permanence in people’s minds,” he said.

The auditorium of the church will seat about 100, Spencer said.

Spencer said the Missionary Landmark Baptist Church’s main focus is to teach from the Bible.

“A lot of people go to church for a lot of different reasons. Some go to be entertained by ‘Christian entertainment’ and that’s not what we do. What we’re doing is teaching what the Bible says,” Spencer said.

Services are expected to be held in the new church in June.