First person: Retiree keeps busy

CNJ staff photo: Liliana Castillo Carole Eggleton says she came to Clovis 30 years ago and loves the city for the warm, friendly, good people that live here.

CNj staff

Carole Eggleton, 76, stays active by swimming three days a week and volunteering with the Curry Resident Senior Meals and Meals on Wheels programs. She is one of 100 volunteers who serve meals to seniors at the Friendship Senior Center.

Clovis bound: My husband and I moved to Clovis 30 years ago so he could pastor at First Christian Church. We moved here from Indianapolis, Ind. It’s such a big difference. I love Clovis because of the warm, friendly, good people that live here. I don’t like the wind but nobody does.

Volunteer lady: I love to volunteer. I feel like I’m giving back to the community. Now that I’m retired, this is something I can still do for the community. I retired out of the insurance department at Allsup’s.

My stories: I read biographies, autobiographies and real mysteries after they’ve solved them and they write a book. My grandkids say, “Granny loves death-murder-suicide books.” I like to know the real story. You know you hear about movie stars and sports figures and political figures but you never know what’s true. It’s interesting to read what they go through. You think they start at the top but nobody starts that way.

Family woman: My kids and grandkids live in Grand Rapids, Mich., and Virginia Beach, Va. We visit them probably once a year. They’ve been here and they love it because it’s so different. I talked to my family in Michigan and they were telling me they have three feet of snow. I said, “Well it’s 75 degrees here and they say, “‘Don’t tell us, Granny.’”

— Compiled by Liliana Castillo