Twelve-year-olds capable of crime

Connie Belcher needs to open her eyes (“Shooting woman acted irresponsibly” in last Sunday’s letters to the editor).

So much in our world has gone crazy — 12-year-olds have beaten people to death and who knows the age of the others running with the 12-year-old when he knocked on this young lady’s door.

I don’t believe she is being famed for shooting through a door — she was protecting herself and her loved one and she certainly wasn’t looking for 15 minutes of fame when the intruders knocked on her door. Who knows what might have happened IF she had opened that door?

I am terrified of guns, but because of all the meanness going on in our city and our world today, I have purchased a gun and intend to learn to use it and will not hesitate if it comes to the safety of my family.

Trisha Smith