Homicide victim’s daughter shares remorse over mother’s death

By Sharna Johnson: CNJ staff writer

She wishes she had taken her mother’s call Dec. 19 and more than anything, she wishes she could get back the voice mail she erased.

But at the time, Katie Murphy had no way of knowing her mother would never call again.

“She called me the night that it happened but I was selfish. I was at the gym, I didn’t answer my phone and I deleted (her) message without listening to it,” she said.

“I wish I had that message to hear my mother’s voice again.”

Hours later a phone call from her sister in Japan alerted her to the news. Her mother — 52-year-old Elizabeth McAdams — had been killed in her home by an intruder.

The shock is still there for Murphy and the numbness hasn’t faded.

She couldn’t bring herself to come to Clovis when her mother died, instead seeking solace with family in a neighboring state.

This week her mother would have been in Kansas City visiting with her and her daughters and to meet her fianc