Business feature: Bank of Clovis planning to expand

CNJ staff photo: Liliana Castillo The Bank of Clovis is planning a major expansion of its Main Street offices to include the building north of it, doubling its size to 7,000 square feet and creating a whole new look for downtown.

By Liliana Castillo: CNJ staff writer

The Bank of Clovis is breaking a nation-wide trend by making plans to more than double its Main Street facility.

President and Chief Executive Officer Randy Harris calls the expansion an investment back into the community that has helped build the bank.

“We’re trying to run the bank like a business that will be here in the long run. Clovis is our community. We’re expanding to meet the needs of our customers,” Harris said.

The bank, located at Main and Grand Streets, will expand to include the building north of it. The bank is currently 3,000 square feet and the new expansion will more than double its footprint downtown to 7,000 square feet. Harris said the new building will house additional lending offices. Construction to join the two buildings will begin in mid-February, and will take about four months to complete, Harris said.

“It’s nice to expand instead of cut back. We’re able to do it in a conservative and responsible manner,” he said.

Harris said the bank, with assets of $115 million dollars, needs more space as a natural part of the growth process.

“The number of customers that we take care of requires we hire more people in order to meet the customers’ needs,” he said.

Harris said that the bank will hire eight additional staff members to supplement their staff of 22.

Mayor Gayla Brumfield said she was excited to hear of the bank’s plans for expansion because of what it means for Clovis’ economy and Main Street.

“In a time where a lot of banks are having difficulties, it’s good to know Clovis banks are doing quite well,” she said. “And for downtown, it’s really exciting. It goes right along for our goals for downtown Clovis.”

Brumfield said the Bank of Clovis expansion is a good indicator of the health of Clovis’ economy.

“It’s been a little stagnant, but with people coming in from the base things are picking up,” the mayor said. “Overall, our economy has been different than what you see nationally.”