Music causes child-like faith to resurface

By Judy Brandon: Religion columnist

I think at times on the sovereign power of God and the depth of his love.

I stand amazed that he loves me! I cannot understand his love for me but choose to accept it as a reality in my life. I realize that I am not alone; these thoughts have been the thoughts of many throughout the ages.

When Job was having all of his severe troubles, one of Job’s friends reminded Job of God’s mighty power. Although Job’s friend arrived at a wrong conclusion about Job’s suffering, he made a fairly insightful statement that was appropriate for Job to here. It helped bring Job back to reality. He asked Job this question: “Do you know the mind and purposes of God? Will long searching make them known to you? “(Job 11:7) Job’s friend seemed to sum it all up. None of us in our limited understanding can fathom God’s omnipotence. Therefore many of God’s ways are a mere mystery to us and it is only by faith that we accept them.

A child’s song helps me in understanding that concept. When my grandchildren were just toddlers I bought set of CDs that were songs sung by children for children. We would listen to them in the